Wednesday, November 24, 2010

they can't tow us all, can they?

In the independent spirit of our town, I came upon the above scene of civil disobedience. Parking is a fluid, instinctual game downtown, particularly in the "1 Hour" areas and "Commercial Loading" zones. The city has put up nice little yellow signs taking even more parking away for some reason, and our fair citizens have responded with an overwhelming "Meh." One thing that you can take comfort in is that there's more of us than them- when I look around and see dozens of cars with the same laisseze-faire attitude towards parking laws it warms and emboldens my heart. Surely an upswell of popular practice makes it OK? They can't tow us all away, can they?

Happy Holidays, Knoxville. Remember, buy local... and beware the meter maids.


The Modern Gal said...

God bless Knoxville

Mickey said...

Maybe they can't tow you all, but they sure can try.

cmmoxley said...

My car was towed from Gay Street a few months ago. I parked in a 15-minute space -- and I knew I would get a ticket, but figured it was OK cause I was late for a meeting. What I didn't know is that I would get 3 tickets and get the car towed -- within 45 minutes! Those cadets will sit and watch your meter expire so they can write you a ticket. So beware . . .

Anonymous said...

let's see:

"The city has put up nice little yellow signs taking even more parking away for some reason"

- that reason would typically be for your beloved farmers market/downtown activities. some vendors have trailers, and cars parked there make it near impossible for them to get their trailers in/out.

point being: the city doesnt put up these signs for giggles, i promise. however this rampant "I WIN U ALL LOOZ LOL" attitude makes doing anything to better the area increasingly more frustrating and difficult.

cut'n yer nose off to spite yer face y'all

Bl@zr said...

Upon my visit to Chicago for fall break they were literally towing blocks and blocks of cars with lines of tow-trucks filling the streets-though I guess it was for good reason as they were getting things set up for the Chicago Marathon.

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