Friday, November 05, 2010

Knox Public House: A Review

It very rare that the whole wigshop crew can get together. Wednesday night we all met up (sans max: he was working and 8 of 9 is not bad) at the soft opening for the Knox Public House. A Public House is, for those who care, where the word "Pub" comes from. The idea is that a Public House is an establishment that is locally based and can be the focal point of a community. The Knoxville Public House is located in the most wonderful area in town (also where I live): Downtown North/Emory Place Historic District. Located 212 W. Magnolia directly next door to TVB (Tennessee Valley Bikes) it offers something new and exciting to an area that has been neglected.

The bottled beer selection is large and varied. The prices are really good. The draft beers are also all quality: Avery IPA, Torch Pilsner, 1554, Budweiser, and Highland Ale.

We all enjoyed the charcuterie boards. I would like to take this opportunity to say that I love preserved meats (especially pork products) and Knox Public House did not disappoint in that department. It was all delicious. This is what the food looked like before we got to it.

The bar itself is aesthetically pleasing, as are the menus.

The wigshop-ers give the Knox Public House a 5/5. The Grand Opening is TONIGHT (FIRST FRIDAY). The regular hours will be Tuesday-Saturday 4 p.m. until close which will most likely be 3 a.m. One of the owners told us that they plan on serving classic cocktails, at the absolute latest, by January. The recent trend of speakeasy style bars is going to inspire the drink menu. Good drinks with local based everything = wigshop love. Go to the Knox Public House as soon as possible.


Anonymous said...

The public house is awesome! And since it is right around the corner from my office, I envision many happy hours to come. I am so excited for this place to open, and I know it will be a success. Planning on dropping by on Saturday evening if my flight gets in on time.

Anonymous said...

ps. the beet pesto (pictured) is phenomenal. Laura sure does know how to do it right when it comes to food and bevs.

benjamin said...

man, look at all those hipsters :)

max said...

can someone photoshop me in there please?

Robert said...

also - The Parlor has a heavy hand in the menu. so ... if you needed confirmation that the food's good. there ya go

Her eyes East said...

Looking forward to being there this evening. Sounds like a wonderful place.

joe said...

Great place but would really like to see them expand their beer selection beyond the Knoxville standards. This place could really shine with some higher-gravity alcohol.

Anonymous said...

Nice place

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