Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Raise the Tree : a good cause

Raise the Tree

Delivering Christmas, Supporting Communities

Want to share the Christmas spirit? Want to support local non-profits in the process? "Raise the Tree" looks like a good way to go about doing that.

Basically you pick one of the non-profits, pay for the tree and bam it gets delivered to your door for free.

Here is a snippet from their website

We created Raise the Tree to “Deliver Christmas and Support Communities.” Our plan is simple: Bring back the spirit of Christmas by delivering REAL Christmas trees to your home on the day that the YOU choose, and then turn around and give 25% of our company’s profits back to local non-profit organizations in Knoxville. Which non-profit organizations? The ones that YOU choose.

Raise the Tree has already partnered with 8 Knoxville non-profit organizations including: Ijams Nature Center, Young Life, The Salvation Army, KARM, Tribe One, STAR, Holy Paths, and Second Harvest Food Bank. Partner organizations each have their own “home page” within Raise the Tree’s website where they get 25% of the profits from the sales on their respective page.

We look forward to seeing you very soon... specifically, when we show up at your front door to deliver your family's REAL Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas.

Paul Dickenson and James Trimble
Co-Founders and Primary Truck Drivers for Raise the Tree

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Lo said...

very cool endeavor, young men. good luck this season!