Thursday, February 04, 2010

Something new in the Old City

It's a special day today here at We have, not one, but two special guests to show and tell you about a new enterprise in the Old City. I haven't been yet, but after reading Will Farley's review below, I'm going to have to make it a priority. All photos are by the illustrious Katherine Campbell. I know, I know! So much Hotness today, I can barely handle it.

Without further ado...

In the fall I was asked by a friend, “If you could open a business in the Old City what would it be?” My reply was that, being an audiophile, I would open a vinyl record shop. Then I talked to Jason Boardman (owner of the Pilot Light/manager at McKay/Knoxville musical hero) and he told me that he had just bought the space that the short-lived Woodward Books had occupied to open a record store.

The name that he chose to call his store was Hot Horse. Initially it was going to be full of used vinyl and some music equipment so if a band playing at the Pilot Light had any instrument problems they could just go next door and get parts to fix it. Then Jason approached Janice of Legacy Vintage and it became a whole different beast. Now it is a self described “experiment in collaborative retail.” The stores that are represented in Hot Horse are the Pilot Light, Raven Records, Lost & Found Records, Legacy Vintage, and Music Room Guitars.

The store that has resulted is a wonderful place to pick up obscure vinyl or some musical instruments. The staff is very friendly and willing to help the customer find anything you might need. I have been in there a few times now since they opened and have found it to be a great place to pick up my musical needs. They have a lot of interesting old vintage items in the back, and they sell cigarettes. It is worth going down there and checking it out, especially if you love records.

Hot Horse
108 E Jackson Ave, next to the Pilot Light
open noon to 10pm daily


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the guest post! Very excited to check out this place. Sounds really cool.

Skib said...

I will have to check this place out ASAP

Anonymous said...

this is great for the old city...i'll have to check this out tomorrow

The Modern Gal said...

What a great idea. The Old City is the perfect place for a store like this!