Friday, February 19, 2010

Later I will ask myself why I got myself into this, until then...

The day after the Pol wrote about the puppy Forrest who needed a home, my life took a coincidental turn. On my way to work the next morning, my eyes met those of a small black puppy. I rolled down my window to ask her what she was doing. I could see she was shivering.

At that point, I was already invested. I went to the other side of the fence where she was and walked up to her. She backed away and got really low as I approached. I knelt down and put my hand out to her. Immediately her tail was wagging. In moments, she was jumping up and down, wagging her tail. I could see blood on her coat and near her ears. She was so happy to be found.

The long story short is that after advice from several people, I took her to Young Williams Animal Shelter. There I was presented with a paper to sign that basically said I gave up all rights to this dog and understood that in three days, if no owners came, she could be put to sleep. So for an hour and a half with pen in one hand and dog leash in the other, I paced from the lobby to outside, tears streaming down my face wondering what to do. (I have no shame. I am a lover of animals)

My issue was that I could not take this dog home if it was sick and I couldn't take it to the vet if it needed expensive care. After calling a few people, the best option was to sign the paper so the dog would at least have a warm place to stay with food and minimal veterinary care.

Needless to say, I was a wreck the rest of the day and so I called everyone I knew that could help. I learned a lot in a couple of hours, and some of that information is in the two posts below this. I hope you will read them to learn what I learned.

The day after I dropped off the puppy, I went back to Young Williams, signed adoption papers, at least to know that if the owners don't come claim her, and if she is not considered adoptable (the odds are against her), she will not be put to sleep.

The following two posts are informational, but this one is a request that if you know of any way to help or know anyone who wants to give a sweet puppy a home, please let me know. On Sunday I find out if she is adoptable. If I adopt her, she will be available around Tuesday to take home. I have already committed to take her to the vet then to see what care she needs. I want to give her health. Is there anyone that can give her a home?

You can contact me at

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Anonymous said...

Let me know how Sunday goes, B. Have you seen Wendy and Lucy? I think you would really like it; it's a heart breaker for sure though.

The honest truth is that I travel far too much in airplanes to be a good dog owner, but if I didn't I think I would like to rescue one.