Thursday, December 10, 2009

Merry Drunkmas?

This is one of the more interesting things happening this weekend that is off most community calendars' radar.

In an effort to raise funds to put a roof on the Mary Boyce Temple House, Brian Pittman (the owner) is hosting a Hobo Cabaret at his house tomorrow night, Friday, December 11. The admission is by donation, but he wants you to come even if you can't give much.

There will be two performances, one at 8 and one at 10pm. There will be drinks and snacks and a little crassness (leave the kiddies at home) And don't forget to dress warmly. It is, after all, a hobo cabaret. 


The Modern Gal said...

Oh, how cool! I wish I was in town and could go. Someone go in my place!

bran said...

i love the "hipsters" tag.

Lo said...

i wonder if those logs under the bridge in the picture came from the billion board feet of wood logged from the smoky mountains?

we need more hipster articles

ck said...

Speaking of the bridge- did anyone else know that they're planning in taking the top part of it off next year and rebuilding it?

Jimbo Clark said...

"My Kroger Fellini sweet land of misery of thee I sing!"

I hadn't had this much fun since that time I sang "I'll Fly Away" and took shots of Sav-A-Lot mouthwash with a couple bums in the bus shelter by G & C TV repair. Yay for Knoxville-centric humor!

Thanks for posting this flier.

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