Monday, December 14, 2009

convenient fish bait

I saw this little gem in Fountain City the other day. It is right next to the new Super Kroger.

I have never imagined a fish bait vending machine before, but if I did it would look a lot like this one. I think the prices were around $3 for each type. Sadly the store is closed and is likely to never open again. See below. I'm sure he's just out fishin'.


Lo said...

this machine intrigues me.

interesting that there are bars on the bait machine, but not on the store windows!

max, do you remember what were the three options? worms, nightcrawlers and stink bait- that would be my guess.

Anonymous said...

i love it... there are a couple at various gas stations in my hometown back in WNY...but we can also eat the fish from the river there without glowing.

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