Wednesday, December 02, 2009

blogging and holidays

Hey guys- holidays really cause a lot of havoc for our schedule here at the Wigshop. Many of us are out of town and, you know, we have real jobs and stuff that keep us busy. So posting will be sporadic this month- but don't give up on us! Holiday time means lots of great stuff to do in Knoxville, and we'll do our best to bring it to you here.

As a heads up, this Friday is one of the best First Fridays of the year. Local artists (including one Wigshopper) will be out in full force to meet your creative shopping needs. Make sure to go out and spread some wealth in the local economy instead of corporate chains, or at least go see some good art.

The Christmas Parade is happening that night too- maybe one of the Knoxvillest things that happens in town. The floats show a cross section of our culture: basically, if you have a tractor and some tinsel, you're in the parade. So come on downtown, watch some funky floats, roast marshmallows on an open fire, and go to some galleries. It makes for a great evening! (More info will probably follow later this week).

Cheers, CK


The Modern Gal said...

I love all the extra lights on Gay Street this time of year. I'm not advocating year-round Christmas lights, but I do wish we could leave at least some of the lights up year round.

way said...

I miss parades down Gay Street. I just really miss Knoxville.

Hey Chris, I saw your comment on my blog post about Garrrett getting absurdly wasted. It's funny that you said it was well-written (thanks, by the way), because I felt like it would be boring to read if you weren't there.