Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Operation Boot Camp of Knoxville: Bring a Friend Day is tomorrow!

So...maybe we've all been on vacation?

I know that MG, CK and I have been traveling and working pretty heavily lately. B and MG just moved. And I think everyone else has been helping the Pol get his Mariah Carey fan blog up and running. So, we've been busy. But we've missed you!

Anyway, some readers may recall that I am involved with an awesome fitness program here in Knoxville called Operation Boot Camp. Operation Boot Camp was founded in Atlanta and interest and results quickly spread like wildfire: now there are camps throughout the country in places like Charlotte, San Jose and Knoxville.

We've been in Knoxville for almost two years now, and our campers continue to see amazing results. Many people return camp after camp because the program just works so well for them. I know that, personally, when I was struggling to stay fit and active in a desk job with long hours and heavy travel, Operation Boot Camp really revolutionized my day to day routine and truly helped me to feel great--and in great shape--every single day.

Operation Boot Camp is a 30 day fitness and nutrition program that meets daily (week days with some optional Saturday workouts) at Lakeshore Park, out at Lyon's View and Northshore Roads. Many Knoxvillians know and love Lakeshore Park. It's a beautiful, hilly little park with a 2.1 mile walking/running path, a soccer field and baseball diamonds. Operation Boot Camp utilizes the entire park during our workouts. Sometimes we do field workouts, sometimes we hit the trail and run. Our workouts are always a diverse and fun mix of cardio and strength. We truly mix it up, and it's never boring because no workout is the same. Along with the workouts, campers are giving guided nutritional advice throughout the month. At the end of a month long camp, we've seen campers knock 5 to 8 minutes off their mile run times; and of course we've seen countless campers just become happier and healthier and so very excited about how they look and feel.

I'm passionate about the program, and I have often invited blog readers to attend our monthly Bring a Friend Day workouts and other (free) weekend trial workouts. And that's what I'm doing again today.

Our monthly Bring a Friend Day workout is tomorrow, Thursday, and I would like to invite the Wigshop readers to attend. We have two camps that meet at Lakeshore: 6am and 7:15am. Workouts are a very fun, intense 45 minutes. That's not a lot of time, so we really work you while we've got you. Will the workout be challenging? Certainly. But it's extremely doable and accommodating across fitness levels. At the end of the workout, you'll probably be tired, but I suspect you'll also feel invigorated and proud of what you've just accomplished. If you would like to attend one of the two workouts, you just need to come about 20 minutes early to meet the instructors and get signed in. So for the 6am workout, please meet at the Lakeshore Park Soccer Pavilion at 5:40am and for 7:15 am, meet at the same place at 6:50. If you would like further driving directions, I can try to provide them if you leave a comment.

At Operation Boot Camp, we utilize what the park provides for our workouts. The picture above is an example: why not use the park benches available for some great, triceps burning dips?

Like I said, I am very passionate about this program. There are other fitness programs out there, and I am not discrediting any of those. But this program provides real results if you put in the work; and its instructor staff is the friendliest, most enthusiastic and caring group of men and women out there. I linked to the official web site, where you'll find rates and times, above. I also maintain a blog for the Knoxville camps. Hoooaah!


Anonymous said...

I'm curious if it's worth the $300 monthly fee. What kind of nutritional info do they provide?

B said...

a large part of me (my heart) wants to attend , but the larger part of me (my belly) wants to sleep in.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous,

I suppose the money question is relative to personal situations. To me and to the many, many campers who return month after month, the cost is definitely worth it; and the benefits outweigh the cost. I can acknowledge that the rates are not "cheap" and with that, oftentimes comes a sacrifice. It just depends on where you are and where you want to be, and what you can personally afford. Gym memberships may be cheaper, but then you don't get the personal attention and the push that you do from OBC. As for the nutritional aspect of the program, there is personalized, daily coaching on nutrition and reaching your specific goals, nutrition and fitness-wise. The program provides daily information and guidance on nutrition and then helps the campers in their monitoring of daily food intake to make sure they're eating the right foods to fuel the results that they want (campers are asked to create their own goals and the program can tailor advice to that).

Anonymous said...

B, you should come tomorrow just for one day and see if you like it!

Anonymous said...

Your posts have consistently good content, but they're consistently way too long. I'm not a hater....just say'n.

The Modern Gal said...

Once things settle back down, I'm definitely coming at least to bring a friend day to see how much better I can do after the last one, which I think was about a year ago.

P.S. Mariah Carey blog??? Pol, that's AWESOME!!

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