Thursday, July 30, 2009

Attention Photographers (as well as Preservation/Knoxville enthusiasts)

Every year, Knox Heritage puts on an Art and Architecture Tour of a specific area in Knoxville. Last year it was of downtown (which I wrote about it in an embarrassing post that you can find in our archives).

This year, the tour is on September 4th in Fort Sanders, a wildly eclectic neighborhood full of juxtapositions. There will be two tours, one led by Jack Neely and the other by Steve Cotham.

Tickets for the tour are $60, which is steep, but the price you pay to have Jack Neely talk to you about old bricks and legendary Knoxvillians for an evening. Just kidding. The ticket price goes to support Knox Heritage and to help put on great events like this tour.

As much as I'd urge you to go on the tour, the point of this post is mainly to prompt you to go take pictures of historic buildings in Fort Sanders and submit them to Knox Heritage. From the submissions, a panel of judges will choose 13 photos that will be printed in the Knox Heritage 2010 calendar, and the subjects of those photos will be the stopping points of the tour. Also, winners go on the tour for free and Knox Heritage will matte and frame your print which will hang in the KMA for a few weeks.

Pretty sweet, huh? They've even pushed the deadline to August 6, so get out the door with that camera!

{But first read the guidelines that you'll find here}


Wax S. said...

A well-executed post about a fascinating and, apparently, massively unpopular topic.

Wax S. said...

I have to say, regardless of the lack of discussion, I'm totally inclined to go to this.

B said...

i think people are so busy taking photographs, they haven't had time to comment.

The Modern Gal said...

The idea of Jack Neely telling me about old bricks was blowing my mind so much that I was at a loss for words.

I don't know if I'll get a chance to submit photos (cause I'll be busy unpacking my things and getting rid of boxes, B) but I am open to someone sponsoring me for the tour! (Maybe we can use our yard sale proceeds to fund our tour costs, B).

Seriously, this is a very cool thing. Everyone should submit some photos!

Robert said...

Sending in pics ASAP. B ... you'll be sure to put mine on the top of the pile, right?

B said...

Wax, you should go. You, me, Jack Neely...

Robert, you know I can't do that. Anyway, yours will win without my help.

ck said...

As soon as I get back to town, I may be walking around Fort Sanders with a camera.

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