Saturday, July 11, 2009

Knoxville's Secret Society

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Traveling home along central at 12:30 last night I saw something that surprised and intrigued me.

What looked like a troop of renegade bicyclists terrorizing an empty parking lot, actually was an organized sporting event typically consigned to trust-fund babies.

There is apparently an underground bike polo scene in this city that needs out attention. How on earth could this go on, under our noses, without any of us noticing it? What other sports do people play in this town that are done only in the dark of night away from prying eyes? Is there a group of hooded cricketers out in Sequoyah? Do squash players break into the Y at 2 AM to satisfy their need for a more cultured for of racquetball?

Please, if anyone out there knows about this polo group or any other not-so-illicit late night sports we at the Wigsphere would love to know about them.


Eric said...

There's a couple bike polo matches going on around town

Eric said...

aparently YouTube has everything.

benjamin said...

i think they play every friday night. or one friday a month. i can't remember. two of my old neighbors played all the time, and they aren't trust-fund babies -- more like trustafarians (not really, they are awesome people).

also I think Max's previous roommate played as well. can Max confirm?

Anonymous said...

Funny you should mention "Is there a group of hooded cricketers out in Sequoyah?" Before Earth Fare opened there WERE a group of cricketers who played in the previously Bi-Lo/now Earth Fare parking idea where they've gone though.

The Pol said...

I am desperate for cricket, i really do like it.

Does anyone know a restaraunt bar or other that shows the cricket?? I'd love to be able to get my fix in without pay $500 a year to direct tv for the cricket package.

wigsphere said...

I'm guessing Crown & Goose would hook you up if you asked, Pol.

The Pol said...

DId I just talk to myself...

B said...

who is wigspere???

Anonymous said...

Irish Times at (gasp!) Turkey Creek has the cricket/rugby/aussie rules DirecTV package.

ck said...

I think the blog just gained consciousness and talked to you... or I forgot which Google account I was logged in as.

The Modern Gal said...

I always knew this blog had a mind of its own. Pol, if you find the cricket league, let me know. I'd play. I love cricket.

noah and josiah's mom said...

Dear Pol,
I am probably breaking serious rules because my comment has so very little to do with cricket. I picked the 11th because this was my b-day. Sorry cricket fans. The reason I am here is because of the glowing comment I received as your handyman. As I am reading I am thinking, "who is this guy". I then saw my contact info at the bottom. Thank you for your kindness. I appreciated the work. I will keep my eyes open for strange sports happenings around town. Bill of All Trades...

Anonymous said...

we just like to have fun doing things on bikes. we meet every friday at 930 at market square to play, come join us.

Eric said...

I joined them tonight, it was a blast.

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