Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Field of Greens

Lunching downtown offers many options, and as well as you think you may know your city, there always seem to be spots you've somehow missed.

Yesterday, I ate at Patins' Field of Greens and think I've found my new spot. They call themselves "quick gourmet" and offer an incredible selection of salads and sandwiches - I had a Caesar salad and my friend, a Chipotle sandwich - both, really good. <

The place is miniscule - operating out of a one-room building on Union Avenue - just around the corner from the Brewery. It has probably four tables total and is not much to look at, but give it a try next time you're looking for someplace new. You'll not be disappointed.

I think it's always especially nice to find a gem downtown that's not on Market Square or Gay St.


Anonymous said...

Yum! I love Patin's. It is a great place for getting take-out, and I don't go there enough because I always forget about it. Delicious salads. A little pricey.

Anonymous said...

It's lasted longer than I thought. Most businesses in that location over the last 15-20 years have tanked.

bupperoni said...

the Chipotle sandwich may be one of the unknown wonders of the world, imho.

and you're kind to call a single-wide trailer a "one-room building." :)

Patins FOG (as it shows up in my checkbook) is one of my faves.

Jess said...

I love this place!!

Anonymous said...

Used to eat at FOG all the time - at least twice a week for several months... loved the food. but then out of nowhere one day it was really bad. The ingredients weren't fresh.. the dressing tasted like it had been sitting around in the hot sun all day.. it was really horrible. I gave them a second chance thinking I could just chalk it up to a once in a lifetime slip - but when it happened yet again I quit eating there altogether

bran said...

i've been loyal to their strawberry salad for a long time. i stopped in the other day after closing but they made me a salad anyway.

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