Monday, June 08, 2009

my kind of people


If I could 'tag' this post with those words I would, but alas we are trying to reduce the cumulonimbus tag-cloud, and I'd probably get in trouble with the powers that be. (wow, how's that for a lead-in?)

Anyway, the reason we're here is that I recently got to know a couple of folks who share a similar love for Knoxville, and are 100% invested in its success. What's more, is that they are actively shaping our town, and you've probably even seen them on many an occasion. Well, you've seen their work on many an occasion. 

Photo Credit Adam Brimer

They are Nathanna, the creative force responsible for branding so many of Knoxville's local businesses, and what, may I ask, is a business without an identity?

Ever heard of LOX Salon? Gypsy Hands? Old City Java? Exactly. They are the one's responsible for the mid-century modern graphics of Old City Java's recent rebirth. 

The designer duo is Jesse and Lauren. Knoxville natives who possess the crucial pairing of artistic talent and solid business sense - a combo easily not found. It's that mix that has helped give them so much success in town, and that's why new businesses (or one's looking for a revamp) come 'a-knocking. 

The mixed media masters have a good deal of their professional and fine art work up on the site (that's iPhone compatible - I told you they were multi-talented). Here's one of my favorites: 

Most recently they are working with Edible Revolution, the people who do edible kitchens and gardens, and are probably overdue for a WigShop post. B? ck?

Let's give it up for Nathanna. Truly the people behind the curtain, making this city great, one business at a time. 


carman said...

Not to mention how darned sweet and cute they both are!

B said...

It's great to see such talent here. Very inspirational!

micah daniel said...

great post roberto. it's good to hear about local design/designers. i like what i see!

ck said...

always cool to see the cool creative stuff going on in our "second rate" city.

is this jesse the same one that used to work for robin easter?

Unknown said...

Or, it could have been an attempt at humor that failed when your hyper-sensitive, ridiculously quick to judge eyes came across it. I bet you think you are a liberal; with hate, anger and unwillingness to leave others alone, you are anything but.
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