Friday, June 12, 2009

Because we're all in this together...

OK, so I commute west to Pellissippi every morning. In my daily comings and goings I have come to a realization that police are, at times, rather predictable. They tend to go back to their same spots in order to catch speeders and rarely deviate.

Then I realized, well if I notice this other people must too. So here it is. An interactive map where you, the reader can get the heads up before getting pulled over or "taxed" by a redlight camera.

Make comments as well if there is a specific tip that we should all know. But some detail in there as well. Times most likely to see the police and where. Also if you know of other locations of the afore mentioned "cameras" please note them too as I have a cute icon all lined up.

View A Cautionary Map in a larger map

Sorry, the pol is not really tech savvy so you have to zoom in.
[update: ck is, so no worries.]


Robert said...

bravo pol! this has been a long time coming

Pianoman said...

Here are all the red light camera locations in Knoxville:

Discordia said...

This is brilliant.

benjamin said...

wow, i sure could have used this a few years ago. ha.

although, it probably wouldn't have done much good for those times I got a ticket for going 5 over. that is just ridiculous.