Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A great local fail

A silly post but entertaining none the less.

Enjoy... and don't try to duplicate.


ck said...

What our readers don't know is that this is what The Pol really looks like.

benjamin said...

is that behind downtown g&b?

The Pol said...

yep, a wasted asortment of potential store fronts that serve no purpose... unless the state street revitalization happens.

Wax S. said...

This individual is clearly subject to the curse of the white mule.

Robert said...

ya. is that state street revitalization thing happening? i havent heard anything about it in a while. also, any word on the new sweet bus depot planned for down there?

athomp said...

I know that guy hah and it's no surprise that he did that...he's a little off so to speak ;)

If you check the Business section of Knox News every month like I do when they post bankruptcies, ABC licenses, building purchases and what not, you'll see that this month they acquired the loan to build the bus depot. So I assume that has to be a good thing.

I talked to Buzz Goss, the main architect and brainchild behind State Street's revitalization and he told me he was in the process of getting the 100 million dollars needed to do it. He seemed hopeful and already has Dewhirst, Burch, Nash and Hamilton-Dixon in the the bank. I asked him how long till they got started and he seemed to think about 1 year before breaking any ground.

Robert said...

wow. thanks for the update. is there anywhere that has the deets of what exactly is planned for State St.?

Brad said...


Anonymous said...

The transit center's already under construction on the east end of the Church Street viaduct.

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