Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Memorial

It's been one year since the first of two workers were killed on the Henley St. bridge project and tonight there will be a memorial for those people.

Typically, I might not feel the need to post about this, but the project is literally out my back door. I see these men working everyday and so feel a bit of a connection.

You may recall I wrote a handful of rather damning posts about the company that is running the project, and while there have been lots of improvements, I still feel they should have lost the contract.

Local workers unions, churches, and various interested groups will be meeting at 5PM tonight for a memorial walk from the corner of Henley and Hill Ave. the candlelight vigil will follow on Volunteer Landing at 6PM.

I'm glad this event is happening in order to make sure that Britton Bridge Co. remembers that they put 2 men senselessly in harms way and they died because of it. Hopefully there will be no future need for more vigils like this one.