Thursday, January 12, 2012

Go right to the source and ask...

With my bride, my 16 day old, and the dog in tow today we set off on a bit of an excursion to practice our parenting on the road.

Our journey took us Asheville Hwy (hwy 70) all the way through Newport, Dandridge, Hot Springs and finally to Asheville. If you've never taken that road it's worth it to see once, a beautiful though at times sobering drive.

But that is not the most important part.

Many of you probably saw the news yesterday about Tupelo Honey looking to come to Knoxville. See story here and the follow up here, thank you Josh Flory.

So in Asheville Mrs., baby, and I ate at, where else, Tupelo Honey.

First, I grilled the waitress. I refused to eat my biscuit until she told me everything she knew. Apparently the company is looking at 4 locations, Knoxville being one that is quite likely.

Not being one to take things at first blush I nosed around until I found a manager and I demanded some straight answers. Actually I just round about-ly inquired as to whether anything more had been decided.

Though of course officially unofficial and non-binding and still up in the air and caviated and subject to being changed of course, but he did give me a wink wink that Knoxville is the favored choice. Honestly I got the impression we are the favored choice. I'm just hopeful that the city can work with both the owners of Tupelo Honey and 1 Market Square to make this happen. This would be a great get and would be a delicious addition to the biscuit festival.

Enjoy the pic, we definitely enjoyed the meal.


Anonymous said...

i grew up on tupelo honey. sincerely hope they come to knox.

Josh Flory said...

Hey Pol, how was the food?

Ian said...

Oh, jeez. You brought that biker-chick wife of yours, Damien, and Cujo to Tupelo Honey? Now they'll never come to Knoxville. Sheesh!