Monday, August 29, 2011

A Request to the Road Works Dept.

Please spend the 2 hours and few hundred dollars it will take to extend the cross walk in important places. For example the corner of Locust St. and Summit Hill Dr.

Walking there yesterday i noticed that in order to get to the button to change the walk signal you have to cross a turn lane. Most drivers don't seem to know that people, unlike birds and squirrels, don't scurry quickly or hunker down under the car itself.

Just thought I would bring this to everyone's attention.


Unknown said...

Or, ya know, don't walk out in front of cars. >:-D

Anonymous said...

Does the button work? A lot of times the buttons are just placebos. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with that. No one gives a flying fuck about pedestrians here. The vast majority of Knoxvillians are more interested in how loud they can rev their pickup truck's engine when they drive past you. Why this is so common here I have no idea. Seems like it would just waste gas.

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