Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lights out for an old friend

How does one say goodbye expost?

Two weeks ago I was enjoying the Big Fix, a side of deep fried corn on the cob, and a cold Knoxville Corona, not a care in the world and without any hint of there being trouble in paradise.

Backroom BBQ is dead, and along with it my hopes for a quadruple bypass by the age of 30.

I've tried to come up with poetry, perhaps write a dirge or an aria, maybe some grand bit of prose to be worthy of the place that captivated my tastebuds imagination for so long.

No more horseshoes, no more bad pinball machines, no more watching socially inappropriate man-tv in mixed company. Backroom was a place I could go on a budget and be filled. It also had the best brisket in town. (No arguing that point here, it's impolite to speak ill of the dead.)

I'm really going to miss Backroom BBQ, it was a go to place for visitors in Knoxville and now its gone. If anyone has some words of encouragement this sad and hungry blogger covets them.

Cue Semisonic.

(Apparently Patrick Sullivans is also closed, honestly i only sat there to eat backroom when the bar side was closed and apparently the guy who ran it was a crook, at least in conjunction with the musical acts. Or so I hear.)


Anonymous said...

My favorite place in Knoxville. You will be missed Back Room BBQ.

Anonymous said...

I loved Patrick Sullivan's. The staff was friendly. The food was good. The atmosphere reminded me of another era. You don't find many bars with character like that in Knoxville. It wasn't dedicated to the drunken meathead like the bars on the strip. Or hipsters like Urban Bar. Or too loud music and drunk middle aged people like Crown and Goose.

The Modern Gal said...

I won't say it was the best BBQ in Knoxville, but the Havana was a dang fine sandwich. Often my go-to when I needed a BBQ fix.

B said...

I loved their bbq, i loved their patio out back, i loved the vibe inside. Pol, you took the words right out of me and made them more exquisite.

ck said...

I loved that funky little table in the front by the stairs... one of the best places to hang in Knoxville is gone. Surely someone will snap this up and re-open it! Right?! That's what I keep telling myself.