Monday, February 14, 2011

with love, from us

Are you loving this weather? It is a special Valentine's Day treat arranged just for YOU from all of US at the wigshop. There's something just so yummy about the combination of sunshine and wind. I can't get over it.

If you're like me, which to say you are making yourself sick from eating too many candy sweethearts at your desk, then it's time to give yourself the gift of love and get on outside. (Tangent: did you know that they now make a candy heart that says "tweet me"? What a sad, strange thing).

Need some inspiration? Here are a few fun things you could be doing on this lovely, sunny, windy Valentine's Day:

1. Take your sweetie on a walk around some unexplored territory over at Ijams in South Knoxville.

2. Meet up with some friends (I love friends!) for happy hour and snacks. How about the outdoor patio at Calhoun's on the Tennessee River? I love a windy day on the water.

3. Grab a Frisbee or a football and play a quick game out at World's Fair Park. Then see number 2, and do that.

4. Jog a lap around Lakeshore and time yourself to see how long it takes you to run up that monster hill. You know the one I'm talking about. Then see number 2, replace Calhoun's with Casa Don Gallo, and proceed from there.

5. Check out this reading by Kevin Wilson at UT at the Writers in the Library Series. It's at 7, so first you can stroll around campus and remember the good old days (or, if you're a current student, ponder the good now days).

Enjoy your sunny, windy, love day. We sure do love you.

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ck said...

I think we all might be happier if we kept pondering our "good now days"!