Thursday, February 03, 2011

What the crap is this!?

Has anyone seen the crazy graffiti on the fireproof storage building in the Old City? I saw it evolve into its current state a few months back and every time I look at it I honestly get a little creeped out.

I mean... kudos to the artist because there is a lot of detail in there and I'm sure it took a long time. This is definitely one of the most elaborate graffiti pieces that I've seen in town.

Anyone care to take ownership?

For some reason the centerpiece kind of (emphasis on KIND OF!) reminded me of this childhood favorite from Zelda: Link's Awakening on GameBoy... Don't ask why.


Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that the owner of the building is allowing an art student to paint the building. I think it's an experiment in controlling the inevitable graffiti. It's kind of cool?

B said...

I love it.

micah daniel said...

I noticed that recently too! I also think its completely rad. It looks to me like a local artist I've seen before. I can't remember his name. vivavignette's comment sheds some light on the issue. I can't imagine someone being able to accomplish that otherwise. Props.

the_rev said...

That 'Knoxville urban guy' (who writes a pretty good article almost every day) did a couple of articles about that project.

Anonymous said...

Zachary Widgren is the artist in question. Vivavignette is correct - he is being allowed to paint by the owner of the building.

Bl@zr said...

It will definitely be interesting to see the work progress. Of course funding is partly an issue as this is a HUGE slate to cover. One thing my roommate pointed out that was unique was at certain times of the day you can pick out the shadows on the facade from the scuppers that's subtle yet refined. Hopefully we can see some references to Knoxville and the area within the "graffiti" as the work progresses.

B said...

i have this funny feeling the rev is calling us slackers... it's ok. we know.

the_rev said...

Nah... just hoping to be helpful, because I appreciate all the good posts you guys provide.

Besides, I'm a slacker too. Otherwise, I would have provided links to those articles instead of just mentioning them!

Mickey said...

Yeah, that looks like a commissioned project. Or at the very least officially encouraged.

It's bad-ass, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

It's been on the building for quite some time. Probably around six months.

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