Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Marble City Update

So some of you may have read a little tweet that leaked out a few weeks ago hinting that something was awry at Marble City. That blogger has since been fired and his family exiled to Siberia.

I had a chance to revisit our friends with the dream of delivering more delicious libations for our city not long after that snafu and let me just say that things are humming. I'm not a beer expert, manufacturing that is, so I had some fairly unrealistic expectations about when they would be ready to put out a product. Apparently the first keg takes something close to 18 months to produce, the second about 18 seconds.

The biggest hang up has been the permits, which just recently got in order.

Please see the story here.

I did have some of "their product" though. I put that in quotes because it is all small batch and not produced on site just yet. Let me just say that they will have a wonderful product to offer if the preview holds true.

The closer everything gets to opening the more details I'll have, but be prepared to see Marble City beer very soon, and get excited.


the_rev said...

I stopped by there one morning and spoke to the Marble City folks, just after I'd picked up a keg of beer at Woodruff.

Jennifer gave me a quick tour and a pint of stout, and a really cool glass emblazened with the Marble City logo.

They were all extremely nice to me, as I was basically just a guy wandering off the street. I'm glad everything seems to be looking up for them. I can't wait to get a keg from MC!

ck said...

triple excited!

Wild Bill said...

So is there a date on when they will expect to have beer?

Mickey said...

Knoxville deserves this.