Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The beauty of consignment

Yesterday I sold an old portable record player. The beauty of the situation is that I received money for it without having to correspond with the person who bought it. Why? Because I sold it on consignment at Hot Horse (108 E Jackson Ave in the Old City).

After having no luck selling it on Craigslist (because people who shop on Craigslist enjoy paying one dollar for things), it was nice to get it off my hands and know that it was taken care of by persons more knowledgeable than I am. When I picked up my earnings yesterday (80%!), I was happy to have made a little bit of money while also helping a local business. As I was leaving, Ryan, who was working behind the counter, said I was welcome to bring in more stuff to sell. If I come across more musical oriented wares, he can be sure that I will.

If I was more of a savvy businesswoman, maybe I would try my hand at Ebay, but I am doubtful that I have the time, organizational skills, and energy it would take to correspond with customers and ship items. I like the idea better of selling what I can here in Knoxville, especially if it helps locally-owned businesses downtown. The more good and diverse things Knoxville has to offer, new or used, the more it will become a destination for tourists and natives alike.

I only know of a few other consignment shops downtown. Reruns sells second hand (but nice) women's clothing and accessories, Rala sells artwork, TVB will sell your old bike, and Morelock Music, I think, will sell musical instruments for you. Anywhere else?


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