Wednesday, August 11, 2010

goose creek wreck

Yesterday, exploring the urban wilderness areas of Riverside Drive and Cherokee Trail with Mr. Jobe, we came upon this scene: the surprisingly picturesque, surprising bad smelling Goose Creek in the Scottish Pike neighborhood. What attracted our attention though is in the middle of the photo (squint your eyes against the bad phone camera pixelation) is the fairly large wrecked boat lodged up against those old concrete piers. What happened?! Is anyone missing a boat? How did it manage to get in Goose Creek? Shipwrecks have always been fascinating to me since watching Swiss Family Robinson as a kid. I might go back to get a closer look and see is she's salvageable. Salvage rights apply on big rivers, right? Maybe she'll become the S.S. Wigshop.


Anonymous said...

I wish your pictures had some quality to them, or you weren't adding whatever awful filter you were, so I could make heads or tails of this picture. Is it supposed to be a boat, as described herein, or is it a picture of what you left in toilet bowel last night? Get back at me, I'd like to know. I have a thing for people posting pictures of their bowel movements online.

Kel said...

RE: Anonymous...

It always saddens me when obviously intelligent people (such as yourself) use their powers for evil rather than good. It must be tiring for you, scouring the web for opportunities to force your vitriol on others. I only hope this is done behind the smokescreen of your computer monitor and the anonymity it brings; if this is how you treat people in the "real world," you're a sad human indeed.

Kel said...

Perhaps I should clarify, my comment was directed toward the previous commenter.

Keep on keepin' on, CK. Use those filters to your heart's content - if no one made any attempt to add a little variety and art to daily life, what a bland, vanilla world we'd live in.

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