Tuesday, August 17, 2010

a tree grows in henley

Is it any wonder that the city is shutting down this bridge for the next 3 years?

Personally, I think that part of basic bridge maintenance is to make sure plants that have roots structures that can undermine the concrete are not allowed to take root in large numbers.

Here are a few shots of the vegatative adventurers that I could get. These are just the closest ones that I could get pictures of, though there are many, many more.


B said...

your title sounds like a lovely poem.

ck said...

I'm pretty sure tree roots and concrete aren't a good combo.

The Modern Gal said...

Oh c'mon. The bridge could use a little greening up! I mean, we all argued for the bike lanes.

Temple House said...

I think TDOT is intentionally not tending to the bridge so they can justify massive destruction of it's top deck to build more lanes. Instead of taking good care of it all along and keeping it the same historic size it is, they'll just let it go and build it bigggggger. Even though their own website shows a decrease in usage not an increase.

Perhaps I'm just jaded they are shoving the wholesale destruction of it off to us with 'bike lanes' so they can simply restripe later for more cars. Which I guess is in essence their job. :/ I'm just heart broken we can't stop it. Bria