Thursday, August 05, 2010

Today is the Day!

Election day is a great day.

Today we get to exercise that most unique of rights, we cast our ballots to determine our leaders.

Allow me to pontificate if you will. I love the big elections, they are exciting and important or at least they seem to be. It has been my experience that the closer the election is to home the less attention is paid to it. How many of you know your school board member, your city councilman, your county commissioner? For that matter, if any of you are interested in party politics do you know that you elect the state officials.

The small races are only that in numbers which leads me to my next point. Your vote matters more in a small election than in a big one. That's just the honest truth. The larger the number of voters the less the proportion your vote matters. If you want to make a difference, if you want your vote to matter the most, invest your energy in a local, small race and make an effort to be a part of it.

OK no more rants. Here are the links for the election:

Election Office

Where to vote

Sample Ballots D & R

I'll be staring at the computer clicking refresh and watching the returns, let me know if you'll be doing the same.

Vote Early, Vote Often, and as always, Write-In-Spellings!


The Modern Gal said...

What am I writing you in for?

The Pol said...

Whatever you want. I'm up for anything, dig catcher sounds good.

max said...

Can I write in Basil I didn't see that one on the ballot.