Thursday, June 24, 2010

Picks of the Week

On a typical week I will probably go to a show or two, so I figure that I could start giving the Wild Bill's wigshop pick of the week. This week we have two.

Friday night at the Square Room: Rubik, Dave Bazan, & mewithoutYou.

I can personally vouch for this show since I saw them all play in Nashville last night.

The opening band, Rubik, is a fairly straightforward outfit from Helsinki, Finland. When all seven touring members walked onstage I was skeptical but from the first song I was floored. My friend described fairly accurately as Sigur Ros mixed with Wax Fang. It is epic ethereal postrock that had joyous bursts and wonderful melody.
Make sure that you get there to see Rubik

Next comes Dave Bazan. What can I say about Bazan? For starters he was behind the bands Pedro the Lion and Headphones. Both showcase his songwriting fully and are existential explorations of his beliefs on religion. His last album, and first solo album, Curse Your Branches explores more fully his views on the God of Christianity.The album is despairing and hauntingly beautiful, as is his live show. He serenades the audience by himself with an electric guitar and asks for questions. He creates a beautiful moment that is full of brutal honesty. My favorite moment was his cover of Vic Chesnutt's "Flirted With You All My Life." It is a must see. Here is an eclectic mix of his music.

The last band to play is mewithoutYou. I really don't know what to say about them, but that they have been on a journey similarly to Bazan's and now they are touring together. There were never really a band I listened to much, but a lot of my friends love them, they are worth a look.

all of this goes down tomorrow night at the square room at 8 p.m. for $15. Fifteen may sound like a lot of money, but it is totally worth it.

Saturday a band out of Nashville called Milktooth are going to be playing at Patrick Sullivan's. It will be fun. This is what NPR had to say about them...

"One of the more mesmerizing CDs I've heard in recent months. Milktooth's self-titled debut dabbles in a bit of everything, from noise-rock to glittering indie-pop and gentle folk. If a single theme ties the songs together, it's a surreal kind of creaky Americana, with spare acoustic instruments and sometimes haunting atmospherics, led by the howling voice of frontman David Condos."
-Robin Hilton, NPR's All Songs Considered

Take a listen here: (I would suggest "Your Arrows")

I really like Condos' voice. The show will be a great time. They are also playing with local band The Black Cadillacs

The show is at 10 p.m. on Saturday night at Patrick Sullivan's for $5.


ck said...

nice! listening to it all right now. even if I don't make it to the shows, I now have some new albums to buy.

Kevin said...

David Bazan is easily my favorite songwriter. I'm glad he's finally making it to Knoxville. Now if I can just talk him into doing a house show here.

Anonymous said...

More linkage:

Wild Bill said...

Let me know if you do because I will be there.

Unknown said...

I went to mwY, Bazan, and Rubik friday night. One of the better shows I've ever seen. Had never heard Bazan or Rubik and left with every cd of both that I could get my hands on. Also the first time I've been to The Square Room and I must say, the lack of bouncers, relaxed atmosphere, and friendly staff were nice side dishes to what was an incredible trio of performances.