Monday, June 14, 2010

Clubbing with the Pol

Can you put a price on friendship?

Recently I was invited to join Club Leconte, a club at the top of the First Tennessee building, and have since been tossing around the benefits of that group. What I am having a hard time pinning down is the gain that I would see by joining. Is it worth it to pay a monthly fee to network? Would I stand to improve my situation professionally or socially by joining?

This is where our readers come in. I would love to hear back from any of you that are members of Club Leconte or similar groups. Have you benefited from being a member or is it just somewhere to go?


The Modern Gal said...

Is the absence of Wigshop HQ tormenting you that badly?

Robert said...

hmmm ... i think if you've got the money and plan on staying in knoxville for a good, long time, then sure, do it. good food, good contacts. done.

however, if you're not going to be here for the long run, my opinion is that you probably wont see a return on your social investment.

at the end of the day, it's what, $600 a year, plus the cost of, probably expensive, meals.

I think the rest of downtown offers just as good fare for much less cost.

and maybe, if social networking is on the menu, it'd be cooler if you and The Missus just became regulars at some place like The Bistro. Every time I'm in there, it seems like some kind deal is being struck.

Mickey said...

I'm not a joiner. Lone wolf- that's my style. Just my wits, an encyclopedic knowledge of 1980's Topps baseball cards and a really nice pair of slacks- that's all I need.

B said...

How do you get invited to be in Club LeConte? (Not that I'm in the Market) and how is it different than Knoxville's Young Professionals club or whatever?

ck said...

I think Club LeConte is a left over from a different era of KNoxville, when businessmen needed a good place to eat near their offices because there was nothing else downtown. Nowadays, you see all the power brokers around Market Square and DTGB. Save your money.

Lo said...

i'm not a member, but i second robert's comment. there's a lively happy hour at the bistro, and when i worked downtown i used to see all kinds of downtown professionals there. u.s. marshalls, lawyers, bankers, etc.

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