Friday, October 30, 2009

a few observations while walking

My delightful lunch bike ride came to an abrupt stop today with a flat tire. Sadly, yours truly has not gotten a new patch kit (depleted from so much glass on our streets) so I had to walk back to work. However, it did give an opportunity to observe and take some pictures. I came upon what might be my favorite architectural feature downtown:

Just up Church Street I saw something interesting:

I've heard rumors that there's a historic building hiding under that green brick travesty- is that exploratory demolition I see? Hopefully the owners find something worth saving and get rid of that awful skin.

Finally, I saw activity and a new sign at the woefully underused side of Koi on Market Square:

Looks like the "Dining District" will have yet another choice soon.


max said...

that's the keyhole building. wish i lived there.

Athomp said...

what the hell is cocoa moon???? "fresh cuisine"? As opposed to what?

B said...

i was hoping for a frozen TV dinner joint.

max said...

as long as cocoa = chocolate in some form or fashion i'm there.

cmmoxley said...

Worked across the street from the "keyhole building" for a decade or so at the real Knoxville Journal. Always loved it.

Also, I know the green building looks weird now, but I believe it was actually billed in its time as a "self-cleaning" building. The slick green exterior was easily cleaned by rainfall which washed away the coal dust that accumulated there. Knoxville was very dirty.

Anonymous said...

I never written a review before, but after this night, omg, it was terrible. I actually got an evite that said Free Food and Free Drinks 7-9, this was lie, and we even had to ask about it and the server new nothing. Oh yeah they didn't have our reseravation. They sat us in the lounge at 7pm and the music was cranked, and we asked to have them turn it down a little and thier resposne was: "your in the lounge, it's loud in here" Also, not one of the 8 people we had in our party was the order right, drinks didn't arrive, charged for things we didn't get.They tried to make it better by giving our whole table a desert to share! It was a terrible experience for me and everyone in my party....I would never go there again and would recommend that no one else go there!~