Friday, May 08, 2009

"we're from Knoxville, so we'll see you soon"

I went to Sundown last night to see some of our very own play on the big stage. I'm sad to say I missed the Tenderhooks and Same as it Ever Was (whom I love), but I did catch the Royal Bangs. This was my first time to really see them play, and I just wanted to say to them:

Thank you. Thank you for being from Knoxville and for being so dang good.


Unknown said...

same as it ever was are incredible. they put on a great show. The tenderhooks however were unbearable. They are not very good in my opinion.

ck said...

I need to see these guys.

Unknown said...

Those guys seriously rock! chris (the drummer works at tom head) and they are often at urban or sassys so its great to see them around town. but seriously, these guys are some of the best to come out of knoxville! I can't say enough great things about them and their songs, and they are even on the now!