Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday mustache mash up

So you're telling me you like mustaches huh? Well don't fret, because The Square Room has sensed the lack of Mustachioed events here in Knoxville, and has hatched a plan to increase our town's fuzz-factor. 

The Square Room is offering a bit of solace from the clean shaven world for those who bear the facial mark as well as those who just enjoy being around hairy upper lips.

Tonight is the start of a series of Monday night variety shows held at the Square Room in an effort to round out their offerings beyond the scope of musical shows. Admission is free, and drinks are cheap (cheaper if you've got a mustache (seriously)) AND there are mustaches for sale if you'd like to partake in the frivolity as well as the discounted drinks.

I'm not sure exactly what to expect from this evening's debut, but if mustaches are on the menu, then there's no telling where the night will lead.

Doors open at 5:00. Stache early and stache often.


The Modern Gal said...

Do fake 'staches work? I don't really have any stache-growing skills, but I love a good variety show.

ck said...

Do staches attached to beards count?

And it's good to see The Square Room branch out from just being another concert venue.

Robert said...

yes - fake staches defintely count

The Modern Gal said...

Apparently I read right over the whole 'mustaches for sale' bit. Sweet!

Unknown said...

Love this Idea! I also found sweet mustache inspired events at:

You can use fake ones in these too so slap them on and smile!

Anonymous said...

Yes Modern Gal, fake 'staches work or you could borrow mine.