Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Coffee and conversation

When I was in college, I used to complain about the lack of cozy coffee houses in Knoxville. Sure, there was the Golden Roast and Old City Java, but for a decent-sized college town that didn't seem like enough. A few more have popped up lately and the newest addition, Remedy Coffee, is open and it is awesome!

photos by ck and max.

The owners have put a lot of work into creating a beautiful, cozy space for 'coffee and conversation,' as the logo says. There are beautiful exposed brick walls, big leather couches, big sunny windows and a really cool private-ish loft space. There's a back room, similar to the set up at Cafe 4 / the Square Room, but on a smaller scale, for music, open-mic nights and meetings.

the loft area

Remedy is owned by Knoxville Life Church, which meets in the back room at Remedy, and the church plans to return all of its after-tax proceeds to the downtown Knoxville community.

The coffee is organic, direct-trade certified and always freshly roasted, and y'all, it is delish. There are also a variety of baked goodies available for purchase. I indulged in one of their brownies today, and while I hardly ever meet a brownie I don't like, this one was especially tasty.

Remedy is really focused on trying to create a cozy atmosphere that will not only draw people to the coffee house but keep them hanging around for a while. To help with that, there's free wi-fi and a library of books and games to get cozy with.

David and Jodie want you to love coffee as much as they do.

The hours are 7ish a.m. to 10ish p.m. for now, though they expect to be open later on Fridays and Saturdays (they're feeling it out for now).

Remedy Coffee
125 W. Jackson Ave.
Knoxville, TN 37902

(You can Twitter Remedy too!)


Unknown said...

This cinches it: I'm getting a laptop for work and making Remedy Coffee my new "I'm working offsite" office.

Pianoman said...

I agree that there seemed to be a lack of really great coffee houses in K-town. Thanks for the review. I plan to visit soon!

Sean Alsobrooks said...

Thanks for the great feedback....it was great to meet you guys today!

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping they last. Their proximity to Old City Java could prove problematic :-x

Robert said...

did they say how they plan to use proceeds in downtown? are there any specific charities or organizations?

The Modern Gal said...

The website is vague, and I didn't get a chance to talk to Sean about that because I had to breeze in and out in such a hurry today, but next time I'm there I'll ask.

cmp said...

From their site: 100% of our after tax proceeds go towards serving and helping the people and organizations in Downtown Knoxville who need it the most.

More specifics would be good...

Max Gambit said...

Yay for new coffee digs. What's with the business plan though? How are they going to stay alive?

The Modern Gal said...

Max, I think they're operating on a similar business plan to Preservation Pub and Cafe 4, both of which have been successful. But I'll ask more about that too!

Lauren Spuhler Krabbenhoft said...

I just had a fab experience at Remedy this morning. Very warm welcome and good explanation of brews by the staff. Also, the parking spaces out front are key. I can see myself spending a lazy morning there very soon.

Anonymous said...

I agree with other commenters in that Remedy certainly has a nice place. But their business model is confusing.

Are they a church or a coffee shop (or both)?

Here's what Sean Alsobrooks posted to Knoxify a few months back about any non-profit status:


The coffee shop is indeed owned and operated by Knoxville Life Church but…..

Since selling coffee obviously falls outside the scope of our mission as a non-profit religious corporation, we are subject to the same taxes as every other business. Payroll, sales, all that good stuff!

We are excited to get the doors open! Sean


I swung by yesterday to grab a free shot and found the place clean, though maybe a little too Crate & Barrel, and the folks friendly.

I'll stick with my Old City Java, but I wish them luck!

Anonymous said...

I know, as a church, they have helped out habitat, keep knox beautiful and volunteered their time to local races, events, etc. I could probably safely assume that the coffee shop would be benefiting similar outlets.

as for the clean comment from Patrick... I've always been turned off by dimly lit coffeehouses. ambiance, maybe, but i always feel like their hiding a little dirt. and it totally grosses me out.

Wright said...

Looks like a cool new place. I'll be stopping by soon. Thanks for the review.

B said...

I myself am an Old City Java patron, but I'm not against visiting Remedy. It looks pretty nice. If I continue having problems connecting to the internet at Java, it may turn out that I visit Remedy often.

Anonymous said...

I checked this place out with a coworker and I have to say. the drinks are great and it's a lovely relaxing place. All the natural light is great and that little loft area is one amazingly cool place.

Anonymous said...

Wow Patrick....you seem to be really going out of your way to be negative.

Jo said...

I've been to remedy several times and LOVE it. I'm a couch fan when it comes to my coffee shops, and Remedy has lots of them, with a spacious feel (one aspect lacking at Java, in my opinion). It also reminds me a lot of a coffee shop I visited near Greenwich Village, NYC which gives me happy feelings. :)

But my fave thing about Remedy is the friendly staff. If you get there early in the morning, you can learn practically everything there is to know about coffee from David, their manager... all with a smile.

I highly recommend!

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