Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mystery of Jesus Dreams Solved... kind of

Here is why you should go to CBID meetings. Look who one of our neighbors spied the other day. BOOM

So here is the scoop (hat tip to Mr. Owens who lives in The Holston), Ricky, the "artist", is actually some kind of religious zealot. Not sure if its a particular sect or something he just came up with, but this is psuedo-christian missionary work apparently.

 Now it gets interesting. Ricky puts up the "Jesus takes away bad dreams" and the other variations because #1 it is Gods message and he can put it on Gods property and since God owns everything he can put it everywhere. And #2... wait for it... the message itself is aimed at the Jews. Apparently a jewish person will understand this code language and perhaps be converted. Any of our semitically inclined readers care to comment on that part? Gentiles don't feel too left out, he has started a new line of all inclusive art (see the bottom right corner of the picture) a picture of the bible that says Jesus loves you.

So if you see Ricky around putting up posters feel free to call the police as he is defacing public property, and generally being a creeper. The things you learn by going to the CBID residents meetings.

Also the Pol has been nominated to be one of the CBID board members representing the residents downtown. So all you property owners please vote for Cullin Spellings or assign him as your proxy for the June 25th meeting. You'll be getting your ballots in just a few days. Thanks!


max said...

and now we know! amazing!

The Modern Gal said...

That detective work alone is enough to make me vote for you. (Can I vote?) Good work, CBID.

cmmoxley said...

Wow! I had almost given up on finding out what the heck that meant and who was behind it! Thanks.

Rachael Barry said...

I found a "Jesus takes away bad dreams" post card stuffed inside my car door last summer. I'm glad to finally know who put it there.

Ally Gregory-Moore said...

He left one of these notes on my motorcycle one night. What a creeper

Anonymous said...

But the signs are all over Nashville too. One man can't be behind it all.

Laura said...

I'm Jewish and was just as confused by the signs as the rest of y'all (& I certainly didn't convert because of them).

Tennessee Jed said...

When the going gets weird, the weird make bad posters.

Jon Wells said...

Found one today at Food City South, (Knoxville). Googled it and found a few other examples from around the country. They all listen to the same AM talk radio show?

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