Monday, June 11, 2012

CBID... Whats that?!?!

As a downtown resident, I pay money every year int the CBID, the Central Business Improvement District. It's a local governmental body tasked with doing for downtown what the City and County governments can't do on their own. CBID sponsors things like the HOLA festival, provides facade grants,and generally encouraging people to live, work, shop, and visit downtown Knoxville. Not exactly the most public of the quasi-governmental boards, no good scandals like Tourism and Sports, but since it's inception since 1993 it's clear that they have had a positive effect on our ever growing downtown area. The board consists of different stakeholders who either, live, work, or own property. It's important to have people who care about the future of our little urban experiment to be the ones who are on this board, more on that later. *hint a wigshppoer has been nominated to the board* If you're interested in learning more, see their website here. Lots of wigshop love to everybody!

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