Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The one's we've been waiting for...

OK everybody, we are fast approaching the end of early voting (Sept. 22) and election day on Sept. 27th. And I know that many of you have been waiting to make your decision about who to vote for, I apologize for the delay.

This is likely the most important of the elections Knoxville will have in the next few years as we are voting for new city councilmen and a new mayor. I encourage everybody to vote and hopefully this guide will be of assistance.

Here is a copy of the ballot and that is how I will lay out my recommendations.

First, the Tennessee Senate 6th District

This is a republican/ democrat primary, I don't have a pick, the only democrat running is Gloria Johnson.

Second, the biggie, Mayor of Knoxville.

Here is my view of this race. We need options and we deserve a properly vetted and tested mayor for this next stage of Knoxvilles development. That being said, I am for anybody who cannot, at this point get 51% of the vote.

Madeline Rogero is the front runner. She ran against Haslam in 04? and has since spent time in government apparently doing good work. She is a competent bureaucrat and knows how the system works, though to be honest, lacks that flair that comes as a matter of nature to most politicians. That may be a good thing depending on your point of view.

Mark Padgett
is my current favorite. A young man who is making a name for himself, yes his last name helps, and has put up a much stronger campaign than most expected. I met him early in his campaign and think he really has a heart for the town and has an easy confidence about him. I'd like to see him and Rogero in a heads up contest in November.

The field is rounded out by Joe Hultquist, Ivan Harmon, and Bo Bennett.
Hultquist and Harmon bring past government experience with them but don't seem to be gaining a lot of traction. Bennett is an also ran.

All that to say, lets keep all of them below that 51% threshold to force a run off and have a chance to really get to know these candidates.

The third race on the list actually is rather interesting. City council at Large Seat A is probably the most hotly contested of the City council races. I like Paul Berney (though he did rudely try to block my car in one evening (he later apologized). He is a true citizen activist taking his chance to make a change in city government. Michael McBath, he ran for county mayor remember, is also running. I like seeing his name on ballots it's kind of fun. John Stancil of city people fame would likely do a fine job and would represent a solid downtown focused councilman. I don't know anything about George Wallace except his unfortunate name recognition.

City council Seat B, I'll keep this brief, I like Marshall Stair.

City Council Seat C, same as above, I like Finbarr Saunders.

No other races are contested so I would say either vote for the person on the ballot or write me in, I'll always take your votes!

Get out there and vote early or due your duty on the 27th, but make sure and vote. Your vote never counts more than an off year election with a truly local focus. See you out there!


Unknown said...

I support Ivan Harmon for Mayor. Rogero and Padgett strike me as "typical" politicians, speaking in vague generalities instead of outlining specific plans. Joe Hultquist would be my second choice.

I support Stancil for Seat A. I'm detecting a trend with Berney: he walked past my Stancil sign, my "Beware of Dog" sign, and my "Do Not Disturb" sign, and knocked on my door anyway. Imbecile.

I am less informed on the other races, though Saunders strikes me as a child of privilege.

The Pol said...

Thanks for the good thoughts Joe. I'll be taking those under consideration.

Chris Eaker said...

And as far as I know, Rogero is the only one who supports traffic scameras (something about increasing safety). So a vote for her is a vote to keep the traffic scameras running.

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