Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Jeff the brotherhood and Diarrhea Planet

Two of the best up and coming Tennessee bands are playing at the pilot light friday night. They also happen to be two of my favorite bands.


the first thing to know about Jeff is that they put on a hell of a show. I have seen them more times than I can remember and every single time they get better and better. They are the brothers Jake and Jamin Orrall. They were in other projects that were subsequently abandoned to form Jeff. They play riff-tastic rock and roll with a heavy beat. Their shows have a party atmosphere (note: the first time I saw them was at a party, but the vibe carries over to any venue). They have finally begun to gain the recognition they deserve with the release of their latest album "We are the Champions." They have garnered accolades from spin, rolling stone, nylon, and multiple other (non-local) sources. Essentially they kick ass. They even helped to debut a new song from the other band on spin a few days ago:

Diarrhea Planet

These guys really know how to throw down. They have the best? name in rock and roll, and they back up a name like Diarrhea Planet with really great tunes. They issued my favorite ep of last few years aloha just for fun, and then decided to get serious. The lineup features multiple guitarists that all can, and do, shred while being backed up by a power drummer in Casey Weissbuch. The vocals are layered and extremely catchy. Try listening to their music without having songs stuck in your head for a week. They are finally releasing a full length loose jewels (props to Nashvilles Dead for being the best) that I cannot wait for and have already pre-ordered. Check out the song on the album link. You can also check out what their shows sound like here.

also with Knoxvillians: COOLRUNNINGS

Friday night, 10 p.m. 18+, $10. the pilot light. Awesome times. Seriously.