Monday, July 25, 2011

up on the rooftop bar

Ok, I have a confession to make. I, a little Knoxvillian, have never been a huge fan of Preservation Pub (my fellow Wigshoppers are going to disown me now). But before you scoff at me and stalk off to judge me as you drink your PBR, hear me out. As a nonsmoker, I struggled to tolerate the smoky inside of Pres Pub for long stretches at a time, and unless I was there to see a particular band, the acoustics usually made it too loud for me to talk with my partners in crime if there was a band playing.

But. BUT ... Have you heard about Pres Pub's expansion? As in the new second floor and rooftop lounge?

Having been gone from Knoxville for nearly a month, this was all news to me when my friends suggested a trip to Pres Pub's smoke-free second floor on Friday. "Get out of town!" I said. "Pres Pub has a second floor? Is that why the 'Man who lives here is loony' sign disappeared?' (The answer is yes, and the sign now is posted proudly on a second-floor wall. The second floor has a gorgeous bar and some awesome overstuffed bean-bag chairs in addition to the usual table seating.

Except, when we made our way to the second floor on Friday, we noticed a sign declaring the Moonshine Rooftop Lounge open. So despite the 90+ degree temperatures, we climbed one more staircase to find ourselves on a rooftop oasis in the middle of downtown Knoxville.

Now I've long said Knoxville needed some more public rooftop spots, and this one is up to the challenge. There's a small cash-only bar that serves a few canned beers and basic mixed drinks in plastic cups. There are tables all the way to the railing along the front edge, where you can peer down to the peons below on Market Square (please don't pee on them, though). There is mood lighting. There are pretty flowers. There is a decorative fountain. And most importantly on a steamy summer night, there's a breeze.

I didn't get a shot of the view because all the spots at the edge were occupied, so this is the best I can offer you. You'll have to go and check out the view yourself.


ck said...

Nice! I've been meaning to check that out. It'll be even more awesome once early fall gets here.

C said...

Is it possible to bring your drink up from below? (I'm guessing no, because of the plastic cups previously mentioned.) Great post, I discover more things in Knoxville thanks to this blog, Thanks.

cmmoxley said...

Thanks for posting this. I avoid Pres Pub because of the smoking, although we did go there for the Market Mixer this month. Glad to know about the lack of smoking on upper level.

The Modern Gal said...

C: You could take drinks upstairs if you had them pour it into a plastic cup.

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Shea Avery said...

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