Thursday, July 28, 2011

A time to chillax

I kind of feel ridiculous writing about this, but whatever...

So I got a massage yesterday, a much much needed one.

I asked around the office where I work for suggestions and was told to go to Nickie Bold, who I know best as the nice server at Pres Pub.

I finally called her a couple of days ago because I was experiencing carpal tunnel like symptoms in my arm and wrist (I'm falling apart in my old age), and she was able to get me in the next day. Perfect.

the above photo is not me nor my significant other

When I arrived at her new space at 108 Summit Hill on the corner of Summit and Central, we sat down and she asked me to tell her what was ailing me. She listened and then proceeded with the massage. I don't have a whole lot of experience in this area, but from what I know, she did a great job and I immediately felt relief afterward. Before I left, she gave me some suggestions on what I could do to loosen up certain problem areas and of course told me to drink a lot of water. The price was only $50 for an hour, a special rate to welcome clients to her new space. I think in August her rate will go back to $75 an hour.

It's a weird thing for me to say, but I'd like to begin carving out time and money every now and then for a massage. I've always snubbed my nose at women who go get their nails done  and that sort of thing because I'm a jerk that way, but I'm beginning to realize why they do it. The obvious reason is because they want their nails to look nice, but I assume it's also to have a little window of time to chill out. I'm realizing I could use a little carved out time every now and then, too, and I want it in the form of a massage.

So, I really liked Nickie and will no doubt return for another visit in the future, but I'd also like to see if any of you have any suggestions on who to go to in Knoxville. Someone recently told me I should go to a male masseuse because the knots in my back are so ridiculous, but then they told me that I'd have to make sure I made it clear that a massage is all I wanted. Are you kidding me? Is this for real?

I'm just scratching the surface of this new world of pampering and need some guidance. So please, share your thoughts and give props to a masseuse you love. My shoulders and back and arms and neck thank you.

Oh, and if you want Nickie's number, email me at I only have her cell and figure I maybe shouldn't put it here.


Nicole said...

As a frequent purveyor of massage, I have found some great MT's. Currently, I see Alison at Absolute Healing Chiropractic in West Knoxville. Because it's part of physical therapy (and it may be for you considering what you say about your pain) my insurance covers the cost. :) Yay!

Travis at Spa Visage is Uh MAY ZING! But he comes with Spa Visage prices.

And I've worked with massage therapists male and female, and none has ever insinuated anything beyond a massage, and I think whomever told you that is smoking something!

Andrea said...

"Someone recently told me I should go to a male masseuse because the knots in my back are so ridiculous, but then they told me that I'd have to make sure I made it clear that a massage is all I wanted."

This seems beyond ridiculous. There shouldn't be a difference between a man or woman doing your massage. And I doubt any respectable masseuse would think you wanted anything more than a massage.

Knoxville Roofing said...

Taking time for yourself is always a good thing - regardless of what you choose to do. I personally suggest same sex masseuse - just to be sure.

Anonymous said...

As a huge fan of Nickie's massage technique, I can verify that she has no problems attacking those knots and providing relief. She has had top knotch training and deep intuition to the human body.

Jennifer said...

I would go to Gypsy Hands and request, Mackenzie. I had terrible knots and she worked them right out.

Anonymous said...

GH is a scam! There is no Mackenzie and the amazon astrology and gemstone lady is a charlatan.