Friday, January 14, 2011

Just Ripe is Just Right for Downtown K Town

Whoa! Hello there! We all just came out of our hibernation cave in the old Sunsphere bar and are ready to get back on track for the year 2011. It might take us a second to get things up and running. Our fingers are too fat to type from eating so many holiday pies and candied hams!

Speaking of food, I want to mention an event that is happening this Saturday evening, January 15. Just Ripe is launching their Kickstarter campaign at the John Black Photography Studio in the Daylight Building (501 Union Avenue) starting at 7pm and it is open and free to the public.

If you attended the Farmers' Market in 2010 you may have noticed the brightly painted Just Ripe trailer serving dishes made from the freshest of ingredients. Well, now Just Ripe is in the process of transforming their unique enterprise into a permanent fixture in downtown Knoxville.

They are currently working on a space in the Daylight Building where they will be selling local and regional items as well as dishes they prepare with these ingredients.

Here is a video to tell you a little more about it.

The co-owners of Just Ripe (Kristen Faerber, Charlotte Tolley, Jill Christmas, Liz Moniz, & Amanda Benson) are using Kickstarter as a means to raise money to get their creative business up and running. They have a thirty day time frame to raise the money and the event Saturday will launch their campaign.

There will be music, art, tastings from Blue Slip Winery and Just Ripe, and a silent auction.

Honestly, I don't know much more about it than this, so I'll be there Saturday to learn more about what sounds like a really exciting undertaking in downtown Knoxville. Check back in a week or so, as I'm going to have a sit down with one or all of the owners at some point to really get the skinny on Just Ripe.

Speaking of skinny, my fingers just lost 3 pounds!

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