Monday, May 17, 2010

The Green Contagion

A few weeks ago, I pondered over the question, "Could I commit to only buying my groceries from the Farmer's Market this spring and summer?"

I know you will all be surprised to learn that my answer has turned out to be No.

I actually believe this endeavor could be possible for a highly disciplined person, but I'm afraid that is not me. I have also come to terms with my chronic disdain for grocery shopping, and although shopping in Market Square is more glamorous than going to Kroger, it's still grocery shopping.


I finally made it out to the Farmer's Market on both Wednesday and Saturday this past week. I bought a few things but mostly began warming up to the idea of becoming a regular.

I bought some strawberries (which apparently are coming in fast this year and won't be around much longer) from Mountain Meadows Farm, some bread from VG's Bakery (that is freakishly delicious), and some turnip/mustard greens and spinach from Organicism (a farm run by one very hip looking couple).

I know I didn't buy much, but I'm following the advice of commenters/you to start small and I'm OK with that. I did peruse the other items available and am excited about potential future purchases:

-sheep's milk cheese
-maybe a ribeye or two
-more greens...

Saturday is the day to go for all of these items; Wednesday is slim pickin's, but there's still enough out there from which to choose.

It's strange, but walking through the Farmer's Market must have sparked an earthy flame in my heart. Last night I walked to the Co-op to give them my once-every-three-month visit. Each time I go there, I like it more and more. I decided to only buy items on sale, and so it didn't end up being too expensive. The cashier was super nice and talked to me about how even single mothers in ghettos form co-ops, a conversation that amused me greatly (in an intellectually stimulating sort of way). Today, one of my neighbors let me take away a bag full of lettuce from his garden, and later on a walk, my friend talked me into eating my very first mulberry off of a tree on 4th Avenue, which made me feel like a true Urban Land Scout. And this week, hopefully, I will start a garden in the backyard of Mr. and Mrs. Lo.

If anything, I'm learning the whole local/green quest takes more effort (or so it seems from the outside) but it's a lot more exciting, engaging, and tangible than scanning my items at the self-checkout at Kroger. (Please don't hear me say I think Kroger is run by the devil. It's not and self-check out is great, but it doesn't hurt to ask how much distance it may be creating between the sources of our food and, in a social sense, the people that sell our food to us.)

Anyway, I haven't completely turned over that organic leaf, but it's being rustled. I like to think that maybe it's made its way onto its side.


Susanne said...

Give Just Ripe a try next time you're at the Farmer's Market. They sell food made from as-local-as-possible ingredients out of their super-cute blue and green wagon. Unfortunately, I haven't tried it yet, but I'm excited about their business and the recipes that I've seen posted. Check out the website here:
I think they are setting a good example for us not-so-hardcore locavores.

Unknown said...

Don't forget honey and salad dressing!

Unknown said...

I think ya done good. You tried something new. There are few panaceas out there, and many trade-offs.

Anonymous said...

mmm... i love just ripe.. i've bought white peach and ginger jam more than once because it doesn't seem to last.

Lo said...

i've completely forgotten that berry season is upon us. get ready for some good 'ole canvas-sack-in-hand urban trespassing, coming to a neighborhood greenspace near you!

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