Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hey Y'all!

Hey y'all, I am Wild Bill and I am new to the Wigshop. I will tell you about myself.

Wild Bill:
Born and raised in Nashville, Wild Bill set off to Knoxville for college.

Freshman: At first it was tumultuous; Knoxville was a hard transition for me, unlike some of my friends from Memphis who fell in love instantly. Lets be honest, Memphis? My freshman year I began to explore downtown. I had the mentality that, "there are big buildings over there, I bet something cool must be going on." Thankfully I left the strip early on. That was when I found the best music venue that I know of anywhere, The Pilot Light. I think that if Stan, the founder of the Wigsphere, was still around he would agree with me. That year was fun and eye opening. Through a series of misfortunes my attempts to move to 4th and Gill were thwarted and I moved to Bearden.

Sophomore: Bearden was ok, I spent most of my time going to shows at the Pilot Light, and studying at Old City Java. I would say that I experienced Bearden culturally in about a week. There is Sitar, and uh other things that I can't think of (now that I am older I went to Union Jack's once and it was ok). When it was over, I moved back close to campus.

Junior: Moving to the Fort Sanders/Campus Area is always interesting. There really is nowhere like the Fort. So many bizarre things going on all the time. It was a good year.

Senior Year (Upcoming): Moving to Old City/Downtown North. See you everywhere. Starting in August.

About me: I am the youngest on this blog by at least 4 and a half years. I am trying to bring youth back to all the old people that hang out around here. The Pol (who is always scheming about the wigsphere) wants me to up our presence on campus. I am majoring in English Literature, minoring in History. Where to find me: during the daytime (on campus or at Old City Java) at night (somewhere between The Pilot Light or my house.

What I want:
1) People to support the local music scene, because you can actually be a part of a burgeoning scene that is doing some cool stuff.
2) People to read more. Start with Cormac McCarthy, and then move to James Agee. Read Agee's "Knoxville Summer 1915"
3) Traveling money.


benjamin said...

I hope your time living in north Knoxville brings you many afternoons filled with the sound of hoses as they reach "that extreme tender whisper when the water is just a wide bell of film" and of locusts, which "seems to come from nowhere and everywhere at once, from the whole shell heaven, shivering in your flesh..."

Anonymous said...

OMG, you're so young. And Knoxville is so, so old by comparison.

max said...

welcome to the neighborhood.

ck said...

Glad to have your perspective here, Bill! I'm ready to learn who all the local bands are and where they play.

B said...

yaaaay, wild bill.

Lo said...

let the wild rumpus begin!

Unknown said...

Damned whippersnappers!

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Hey y'all, I am Wild Bill and I am new to the Wigshop. I will tell you about myself.
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