Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Daniel Pujol by Bekah Cope via Nashville's Dead

Alright guys one of the best music labels around is in Nashville. It is called Infinity Cat and was started by Jake and Jamin Orrall of JEFF the brotherhood in 2002 and has released some of the best music coming out of the Nasvhille music scene since. The artists on the label are absolutely worth your time.

The label facilitates a lot of releases from the house show scene that has become centered around Ben Todd and David Steine's blog/lifestyle Nashville's Dead. These shows take place at "Glenn Danzig's House" which probably ties for first in my favorite venues with the pilot light. All of that to say, check out the Infinity Cat artists, JEFF the brotherhood, and Nashville's Dead because there is a whole slew of awesome music coming from there.

Tomorrow (Thursday) Night Infinity Cat band: Heavy Cream are coming to destroy the Pilot Light.

The babes of Heavy Cream & Danny

Their first album Danny was released on August 24th last year. It is fast exuberant beer/whiskey swilling garage rock punk jams. Listen to it here. They put on super fun shows.

Photo by Emily Quirk

They will be playing the pilot light tomorrow @10p.m. for $6 with Dirty Knees and Wyld Fukken Stallyns

SUNDAY NIGHT two of my favorite bands will be playing the pilot light: Pujol and Turbo Fruits.

I can't wait. Not only do both of these bands kick serious ass, they are also fun bros to hang out with. So come hang out. Seriously. This is a show that should not be missed, and work is no excuse. This is the show that if you are a bit older, your knees hurt, back-aches, etc... just ignore it and relive your youth. Come drink some beers and have fun.

Photo by Bekah Cope

Pujol is named after lead singer/songwriter Daniel Pujol. He's a smart dude, seriously. His music is AWESOME. If I had to describe the music he makes it would be Southern psychedelic punk pop intelligent rock. But you can decide for yourself by listening here. It should be noted that the songs Black Rabbit and Too Safe were recorded at Jack White's Third Man Records and was produced by Mr. White himself. If that's not enough to get you out to the pilot light it's time to reevaluate. The lyrics are all on the website as well. I heart Pujol. I have probably seen pujol play 20+ times and every single time it is better.


Photo by Emily Quirk

The Turbo Fruits are totally rad. They play raucous riff based rock with a punk kick. Formed by Jonas Stein while he was still in Be Your Own Pet and made it a full time job when BYOP broke up in 2008. Their first full length album Echo Kid came out in 2009 on Fat Possum. Jonas is one of the hardest working musicians in Nashville. He recently started his own record label Turbo Time Records, curated the Bruise Cruise Festival, and makes great music. Check it out here. This show will be one of the best the pilot light has ever had. Bring everyone you know.
SUNDAY night at 10p.m. $7. with dumb lunch. worth every penny. Bands have also done daytrotter sets in the last two weeks. Pujol and Turbo Fruits

April 9th Infinity Cat artist THE MATTOID will be playing the pilot light before he moves home to Finland, but more on that later.

The Mattoid


michael said...

gahhhhh we will be out of town on saturday...hopefully we'll be able to catch thursdays show.

B said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
B said...

your enthuze encourages me to ignore my old achy joints to come have a listen, wb.

benjamin said...

pujol and turbo fruits have new daytrotter sessions out as well...

nashville takeover!

Wild Bill said...

Yeah the daytrotters are super rad. The show last night was awesome. Sunday night will probably make the pilot light fall down its gonna be so awesome.

Wild Bill said...

awesome awesome awesome. so much awesomeness. I said awesome twice in two sentences.

Unknown said...

Mattoid, it's Party Time!

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